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1. Convex Surface Visualization Using Rational Bi- cubic Function

Malik Zawwar Hussain; Fareeha Saadia; Maria Hussain

Volume 5, Issue 1 , Winter 2013, Pages 361-383

  The rational cubic function with three parameters has been extended to rational bi-cubic function to visualize the shape of regular convex surface data. The rational bi-cubic function involves six parameters in each rectangular patch. Data dependent constraints are derived on four of these parameters ...  Read More

2. Canonical representation for approximating solution of fuzzy polynomial equations

M. Salehnegad; S. Abbasbandy; M. Mosleh; M. Otadi

Volume 5, Issue 1 , Winter 2013, Pages 384-391

  In this paper, the concept of canonical representation is proposed to find fuzzy roots of fuzzy polynomial equations. We transform fuzzy polynomial equations to system of crisp polynomial equations, this transformation is perform by using canonical representation based on three parameters Value, Ambiguity ...  Read More

3. An epidemic model for the transmission dynamics of HIV/AIDS with different clinical stages

Sandip Omar

Volume 5, Issue 1 , Winter 2013, Pages 392-404

  In this paper, a five–dimensional mathematical model is proposed for the transmission dynamics of HIV/AIDS within a population of varying size. In writing the model, we have divided the population under consideration into five sub classes of susceptible, infective, pre-AIDS, AIDS related complex ...  Read More

4. Adomian Decomposition Method On Nonlinear Singular Cauchy Problem of Euler-Poisson- Darbuox equation

Iyaya C. C. Wanjala

Volume 5, Issue 1 , Winter 2013, Pages 405-411

  n this paper, we apply Picard’s Iteration Method followed by Adomian Decomposition Method to solve a nonlinear Singular Cauchy Problem of Euler- Poisson- Darboux Equation. The solution of the problem is much simplified and shorter to arriving at the solution as compared to the technique applied ...  Read More