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lگروه مدیریت بازرگانی واحدرودبار


Nowadays, increasing competition among companies and the huge cost of attracting new customers has led to companies seeking to retain existing customers rather than looking to attract new customers. These factors together have led to the emergence of customer relationship management. Thanks to the development of information and communication technology, especially the Internet, the use of customer relationship management has expanded and facilitated, and electronic customer relationship management has been formed. Customer Relationship Management (EMS) seeks to deepen and empower customer relationships by utilizing a variety of information and communication technologies such as websites. With the aim of identifying key indicators of performance and improving the performance of the Balanced Scorecard, this research paper has attempted to integrate it with Yager’s Fuzzy screening technique. This integrated model was implemented to develop a balanced scorecard for customer relationship management evaluation of companies covered by Parsian Data-Processors Group. The scale of “very important” was set as an acceptable scale for going through the screening process and for agreeing between managers and experts on the most important indicators. The results showed that the five indicators of customer viewpoint including increasing customer support during Purchasing Process and Afterward, Increasing Brand Confidence and Credibility , Participating in the Online Environment, Enhancing Customer Service After Sales, Increasing Customer Satisfaction, Increasing Site Usage and Various Site Capabilities, the four indicators of learning and innovating viewpoint including continuous improvement and modernization of the company's current services, the ability to use the new technologies, knowledge management capabilities in the organization and the ability of the company to learn from the market and to react it, the four indicators of financial viewpoint including Increased profitability; Increased share of online sales, flexibility in financing and increased annual sales , and the four indicators of exchange (processes) viewpoint including increased software update, increased use of advanced technologies compared to competitors; increased and improved use of Technology and Increasing Diversity of Services Offered on the Site (E-mail) have extracted as Key Indicators of Balanced Card Relationship Management Evaluation.