Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Environmental science, UCS, Osmania University, Telangana State


The Iranian Environment Protection Agency (IEPA) in collaboration with Iranian Industries Organization (IIO) need to design a relevant database for the industries information based on the initial screening of Iranian Evaluator Team (IET) in certain clusters. However, we aware of this fact that all industrial projects should go through the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) after and along with screening levels. Therefore, current research concise the three clusters of Iranian industries data to further assessment towards Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) empirically. To calculate the efficiency score were employed the Additive Ratio ASsessment (ARAS) model in combination with the DEA model along with using Friedman and Kendall tests as weighing systems. Using SPSS software led to estimate the values of weight regarding the inputs and outputs of materials flow. The combination of both mentioned models has expanded the path for determination of DEA score for the Iranian Wood and Cellulose Industries (IWCI), Iranian Mining and Aggregate Industries (IMAI) and Iranian Textile and Leather Industries (ITLI).


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