Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Business Management, Rasht Branch, Islamic Azad University, Rasht, Iran.


The process of globalization and rapid technological developments are causing rapid changes in markets. Successfully in challenging markets of the future requires an informed and ready to respond quickly. The aim of this study is to evaluate and prioritize the organizational strategies of sales and distribution of Kalleh Company in Gilan. In order to analyze the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the organization, SOWT matrix was used. The matrix was developed four strategies based on internal and external factors. Since then devise strategies using multi-criteria decision-making Method (topsis) were prioritized. Data collection was done through the study of documents, records, interviews and distributed two questionnaires. Accordingly, the two strategies that prioritize the strategies than they value large quantity include: Firstlly organization must maintain high quality products with full implementation of the cold chain process and products to provide the market with better quality compared to the products of competitors. The second priority of the organization the miniature capillary marketing and focus on the performance of distribution channels and distinction at the time of delivery time with the implementation of this strategy increases the number of new customers and the volume of previous customers.


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