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Non linear Programming
26. A numerical approach for optimal control model of the convex semi-infinite programming

Hamid Rouhparvar

Volume 7, Issue 2 , Autumn 2015, , Pages 823-829

  In this paper, convex semi-infinite programming is converted to an optimal control model of neural networks and the optimal control model is solved by iterative dynamic programming method. In final, numerical examples are provided for illustration of the purposed method.  Read More

Data Envelopment Analysis
27. Ranking efficient DMUs using the variation coefficient of weights in DEA

Mojtaba Ziari; Shokrollah Ziari

Volume 8, Issue 1 , Spring 2016, , Pages 9-16

  One of the difficulties of Data Envelopment Analysis(DEA) is the problem of de_ciency discrimination among efficient Decision Making Units(DMUs) and hence, yielding large number of DMUs as efficient ones. The main purpose of this paper is to overcome this inability. One of the methods for ranking efficient ...  Read More

Data Envelopment Analysis
28. Ranking of bank branches with undesirable and fuzzy data: A DEA-based approach

Sohrab Kordrostami; Alireza Amirteimoori; Monireh Jahani Sayyad Noveiri

Volume 8, Issue 2 , Autumn 2016, , Pages 71-77

  Banks are one of the most important financial sectors in order to the economic development of each country. Certainly, efficiency scores and ranks of banks are significant and effective aspects towards future planning. Sometimes the performance of banks must be measured in the presence of undesirable ...  Read More

Mathematical Engineering
29. Unweighted p-center problem on extended stars

Jafar Fathali; Nader Jafari Rad; Sadegh Rahimi Sherbaf

Volume 6, Issue 2 , Summer 2014, , Pages 737-744

  An extended star is a tree which has only one vertex with degree larger than two. The -center problem in a graph  asks to find a subset  of the vertices of  of cardinality  such that the maximum weighted distances from  to all vertices is minimized. In this paper we consider ...  Read More

Numerical Analysis
30. Exact solutions for wave-like equations by differential transform method

J. Biazar; M. Eslami

Volume 7, Issue 1 , Spring 2015, , Pages 767-773

  Differential transform method has been applied to solve many functional equations so far. In this article, we have used this method to solve wave-like equations. Differential transform method is capable of reducing the size of computational work. Exact solutions can also be achieved by the known forms ...  Read More

Data Envelopment Analysis
31. An approach to rank efficient DMUs in DEA based on combining Manhattan and infinity norms

Shokrollah Ziari; Manaf Sharifzadeh

Volume 9, Issue 1 , Spring 2017, , Pages 13-19

  In many applications, discrimination among decision making units (DMUs) is a problematic technical task procedure to decision makers in data envelopment analysis (DEA). The DEA models unable to discriminate between extremely efficient DMUs. Hence, there is a growing interest in improving discrimination ...  Read More

Data Envelopment Analysis
32. Performance Evaluation of Supply Chain under Decentralized Organization Mechanism

Alireza Alinezhad

Volume 10, Issue 1 , Spring 2018, , Pages 9-17

  Abstract Nowadays among many evaluation methods, data envelopment analysis has widely used to evaluate the relative performance of a set of Decision Making Units (DMUs). Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA(is a mathematical tool for evaluating the relative efficiency of a set Decision Making Units (DMUs), ...  Read More

Data Envelopment Analysis
33. Malmquist Productivity Index Using Two-stage DEA Model in Heart Hospitals

Alireza Alinezhad; Mirpouya Mirmozaffari

Volume 10, Issue 2 , Autumn 2018, , Pages 81-92

  Abstract Heart patients displays several symptoms and it is hard to point them. Data envelopment analysis (DEA) provides a comparative efficiency degree for each decision-making units (DMUs) with several inputs and outputs. Evaluating of hospitals is one of the major applications in DEA. In this study, ...  Read More

Non linear Programming
34. Comparative Study of Particle Swarm Optimization and Genetic Algorithm Applied for Noisy Non-Linear Optimization Problems

Hossein Towsyfyan; Amin Kolahdooz; Hazem Esmaeel; Shahed Mohammadi

Volume 11, Issue 1 , Spring 2019, , Pages 9-16

  Optimization of noisy non-linear problems plays a key role in engineering and design problems. These optimization problems can't be solved effectively by using conventional optimization methods. However, metaheuristic algorithms such as Genetic Algorithm (GA) and Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) seem ...  Read More

Strategic Management
35. Organizational Sustainable Competitive Advantage using ORESTE, TRIZ, SWOT Approaches in Gray Conditions

Dorna Teimoori; Alireza Alinezhad

Volume 11, Issue 2 , Autumn 2019, , Pages 85-96

  In today world, organizations’ performance and making the sustainable competitive strength have become incrementally important for them according to the quick global evolutions. The dairy industry is one of the most important industries which has made very competitive environment. The case study ...  Read More

Data Envelopment Analysis
36. An Analysis of the COVID-19 Contagion Growth in European Countries

Hadi Shirouyehzad; Javid Jouzdani; Mazdak Khodadadi-Karimvand

Volume 12, Issue 1 , Spring 2020, , Pages 11-19

  The COVID-19 pandemic has affected many people around the globe. Europe, as one of the most seriously affected continents, has been struggling with the novel coronavirus for several months. Obviously, outbreak response management plays a critical role in the impact of the disease. Therefore, in this ...  Read More

Operation Research
37. A Nonlinear Mathematical model for Asthma: Effect of Environmental Pollution

NARESHA RAM; Agraj Tripathi

Volume 1, Issue 1 , Winter 2009, , Pages 18-38

  In this paper, we explore a nonlinear mathematical model to study the spread of asthma due to inhaled pollutants from industry as well as tobacco smoke from smokers in a variable size population. The model is analyzed using stability theory of differential equations and computer simulation. It is shown ...  Read More

Operation Research
38. Designing an optimization model for preventing the waste time in the activity cycle of an organization

M. Taleghani; Y. Modabbernia

Volume 1, Issue 2 , Summer 2009, , Pages 67-76

  This article proposes an optimization model for preventing the waste of time in the educational and research activities' cycle of an organization such as a university. For this purpose and in order to increase efficiency and prevent the waste of time; the graph theory models have been used. The educational ...  Read More

39. Comparing Numerical Methods for the Solution of the Damped Forced Oscillator Problem

A. R. Vahidi; GH. Asadi Cordshooli; Z. Azimzadeh

Volume 2, Issue 1 , Winter 2010, , Pages 108-116

  In this paper, we present a comparative study between the Adomian decomposition method and two classical well-known Runge-Kutta and central difference methods for the solution of damped forced oscillator problem. We show that the Adomian decomposition method for this problem gives more accurate approximations ...  Read More

Data Envelopment Analysis
40. Important Issues in Multiple Response Optimization

Mohammad Taleghani

Volume 3, Issue 1 , Winter 2011, , Pages 189-200

  There have been many productive methods developed so far for optimization of multiple response surface (MRS) problems. This paper tends to review the most seminal approaches in MRS and discuss the strength and weakness of each of the approaches through existing aspects in MRS. A numerical example is ...  Read More

Data Envelopment Analysis
41. Some Results on facets for linear inequality in 0-1 variables

D. Sashi Bhusan; B. Bagaban; J.P. Tripathy

Volume 4, Issue 1 , Winter 2012, , Pages 292-303

  The facet of Knapsack ploytope, i.e. convex hull of 0-1 points satisfying a given linear inequality has been presented in this current paper. Such type of facets plays an important role in set covering set partitioning, matroidal-intersection vertex- packing, generalized assignment and ...  Read More

42. An epidemic model for the transmission dynamics of HIV/AIDS with different clinical stages

Sandip Omar

Volume 5, Issue 1 , Winter 2013, , Pages 392-404

  In this paper, a five–dimensional mathematical model is proposed for the transmission dynamics of HIV/AIDS within a population of varying size. In writing the model, we have divided the population under consideration into five sub classes of susceptible, infective, pre-AIDS, AIDS related complex ...  Read More

linear Programming
43. Linear Programming, the Simplex Algorithm and Simple Polytopes

Das Sashi Bhusan; Biswal Bagaban; J.P Tripathy

Volume 6, Issue 1 , Winter 2014, , Pages 702-719

  In the first part of the paper we survey some far reaching applications of the basis facts of linear programming to the combinatorial theory of simple polytopes. In the second part we discuss some recent developments concurring the simplex algorithm. We describe sub-exponential randomized pivot roles ...  Read More

Data Envelopment Analysis
44. Alternative ranking method in Dynamic Data Envelopment Analysis (DDEA)

Mahnaz Maghbouli; Omid Yaghbubi agreh; Zahra Mohammadnezhad

Volume 7, Issue 2 , Autumn 2015, , Pages 839-848

  The motivation of this paper is to propose such equitable method for ranking all decision making units (DMUs) in dynamic Data Envelopment Analysis (DDEA) framework. As far as we are aware there is not more studies in dynamic DEA literature. What's more, in such cases the best operating unit is important ...  Read More

45. Optimal Scheduled Unit Commitment Considering Wind Uncertainty Using Cuckoo Search Algorithm

Saniya Maghsudlu; sirus mohammadi

Volume 8, Issue 1 , Spring 2016, , Pages 17-27

  In this paper, a new method to review the role of wind units as an energy-producer in the scheduling problem of unit commitment is presented. Today, renewable energy sources due to lack of environmental pollution, absence of dependence on fossil fuels, and consequently a very low marginal cost, have ...  Read More

Data Envelopment Analysis
46. Ranking efficient DMUs using the infinity norm and virtual inefficient DMU in DEA

Shokrollah Ziari; Manaf Sharifzadeh

Volume 8, Issue 2 , Autumn 2016, , Pages 79-86

  In many applications, ranking of decision making units (DMUs) is a problematic technical task procedure to decision makers in data envelopment analysis (DEA), especially when there are extremely efficient DMUs. In such cases, many DEA models may usually get the same efficiency score for different DMUs. ...  Read More

Numerical Analysis
47. Application of G'/G-expansion method to the (2+1)-dimensional dispersive long wave equation

Jafar Biazar; Zainab Ayati

Volume 6, Issue 2 , Summer 2014, , Pages 745-752

  In this work G'/G-expansion method has been employed to solve (2+1)-dimensional dispersive long wave equation. It is shown that G'/G-expansion method, with the help of symbolic computation, provides a very effective and powerful mathematical tool, for solving this equation.  Read More

48. MOEICA: Enhanced multi-objective optimization based on imperialist competitive algorithm

AmirAli Nazari; ali deihimi

Volume 9, Issue 1 , Spring 2017, , Pages 21-37

  In this paper, a multi-objective enhanced imperialist competitive algorithm (MOEICA) is presented. The main structures of the original ICA are employed while some novel approaches are also developed. Other than the non-dominated sorting and crowding distance methods which are used as the main tools for ...  Read More

Data Envelopment Analysis
49. An input-oriented radial measure for returns to scale aggregation.

Reza Kazemi Matin; Roza Aziz; Mahdi Mirjaberi

Volume 10, Issue 1 , Spring 2018, , Pages 19-29

  In production theory, it is necessary to be capable of predicting the production func- tion’s long-run behaviors. Hereof, returns to scale is a helpful concept. Returns to scale describes the reaction of a production function to the proportionally scaling all its input variables. In this regard, ...  Read More

Data Envelopment Analysis
50. Choosing weights for a complete ranking of DMUs in DEA and cross-evaluation

Parichehr Zamani

Volume 10, Issue 2 , Autumn 2018, , Pages 93-99

  Conventional data envelopment analysis (DEA) assists decision makers in distinguishing between efficient and inefficient decision making units (DMUs) in a homogeneous group. However, DEA does not provide more information about the efficient DMUs. One of the interesting research subjects is to discriminate ...  Read More