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Operation Research
1. A New Hybrid Conjugate Gradient Method Based on Secant Equation for Solving Large Scale Unconstrained Optimization Problems

Nasiru Salihu; Mathew Remilekun Odekunle; Mohammed Yusuf Waziri; Abubakar Sani Halilu

Volume 12, Issue 1 , Spring 2020, , Pages 33-44

  There exist large varieties of conjugate gradient algorithms. In order to take advantage of the attractive features of Liu and Storey (LS) and Conjugate Descent (CD) conjugate gradient methods, we suggest hybridization of these methods in which the parameter  is computed as a convex combination ...  Read More

Operation Research
2. A metaheuristic algorithm for optimizing strategic and tactical decisions in a logistics network design problem

Reza Babazadeh

Volume 12, Issue 1 , Spring 2020, , Pages 103-113

  Todays, industries are seeking the ways to improve their competitiveness and responsiveness in order to achieve the most share of markets and customer satisfaction. Optimization of strategic and tactical decisions in a logistics network would improve total performance of the supply chain in a long term ...  Read More

Operation Research
3. MULTIMOORA Decision Making Algorithm for Expansion of HVDC and EHVAC in Developing Countries (A Case Study)

Ali Aranizadeh; Mehrzad Kazemi; Homayoun Barahmandpour; mirpouya mirmozaffari

Volume 12, Issue 1 , Spring 2020, , Pages 63-71

  These days, as the residents of urban areas grow, the requirement for consumption rises too. This quantity of consumption needs power generation cores with large volume utilizing that it needs to be big enough which guides technology in the direction of wholesale power transmission systems. Consequently, ...  Read More

Operation Research
4. Using Theory of Constraints in Production Management and Scheduling (A Case Study)

Ahmad Hooshmand; Ali Reza Mehrazeen; Ali Reza Davoody; Mohamad Reza Shorvarzi

Volume 11, Issue 2 , Autumn 2019, , Pages 217-227

  In manufacturing institutes the only access way to maximum profit is identifying the production mix of the products based on the limitations such as policies and politics, demand and production processes. This study identifies the constraints of a tile-manufacturing company including constraints in its ...  Read More

Operation Research
5. An Improved Optimization Model for Scheduling of a Multi-Product Tree-Like Pipeline

Mehrnoosh Taherkhani

Volume 11, Issue 2 , Autumn 2019, , Pages 243-259

  In the petroleum supply chain, oil refined products are often delivered to distribution centers by pipelines since they provide the most reliable and economical mode of transportation over large distances. This paper addresses the optimal scheduling of a complex pipeline network with multiple branching ...  Read More

Operation Research
6. On solving possibilistic multi- objective De Novo linear programming

Hamiden Khalifa

Volume 11, Issue 2 , Autumn 2019, , Pages 277-284

  Multi-objective De Novo linear programming (MODNLP) is problem for designing optimal system by reshaping the feasible set (Fiala [3] ). This paper deals with MODNLP having possibilistic objective functions coefficients. The problem is considered by inserting possibilistic data in the objective functions ...  Read More

Operation Research
7. The impact of organizational innovation through innovation capabilities in ‎process and product on the performance of manufacturing firms

Hojjat Sofalchian Farhang; Hossein Alizad Abkenari; Mehdi Fadaei

Volume 10, Issue 2 , Autumn 2018, , Pages 75-80

  Abstract Innovation is considered as a critical factor for organizations to create value and ‎sustainable competitive advantage in today's complex and changing environment. ‎Organizations with more innovation, in response to the changing environments and ‎creating development of new capabilities ...  Read More

Operation Research
8. An Optimal Dynamic Control Method for an Isolated Intersection Using Fuzzy Systems

Asmaeil Ebrahimzadeh Kooykhi; Gholamhossen Ekbatanifard

Volume 10, Issue 2 , Autumn 2018, , Pages 151-164

  Traffic flow systems are nonlinear and uncertain, so it is very difficult to find their optimal points. In traditional traffic control systems, the traffic lights of crossings change in a fixed time period that is not optimal. On the other hand, most proposed systems are sufficiently capable of coping ...  Read More

Operation Research
9. Animal Diet Formulation with Floating Price

S.H Nasseri; Davod Darvishi

Volume 8, Issue 2 , Autumn 2016, , Pages 101-110

  In the process of milk production, the highest cost relates to animal feed. Based on reports provided by the experts, around seventy percent of dairy livestock costs included feed costs. In order to minimize the total price of livestock feed, according to the limits of feed sources in each region or ...  Read More

Operation Research
10. A combined evaluation method to rank alternatives based on VIKOR and DEA with BELIEF structure under uncertainty

Amir Amini; Alireza Alinezhad

Volume 8, Issue 2 , Autumn 2016, , Pages 111-122

  This paper processes a combined method, based on VIKOR and Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) to select the units with most efficiency. We utilize the VIKOR as compromise solution method. This research is a two-stage model designed to fully rank the alternatives, where each alternative has multiple inputs ...  Read More

Operation Research
11. An analysis of factors affecting on customers’ adoption of internet-banking services using the graph theory

Ali Sharifi; Mahdi Homayounfar

Volume 8, Issue 1 , Spring 2016, , Pages 47-58

  The rapid development of Internet and electronic businesses have stimulated the banking sector towards encouraging customers to internet banking (IB), However, the evidence indicates a lack of interest in the use of IB services. Therefore, this paper aims to identify affecting factors on customer adoption ...  Read More

Operation Research
12. A hybrid BSC-DEMATEL- FIS approach for performance measurement in Food Industry

Shabnam Jalalat; Mehdi Fadaei; Mahdi Homayounfar

Volume 7, Issue 2 , Autumn 2015, , Pages 839-848

  Organizational performance is a complex issue given that performance is a multifaceted phenomenon whose components may have distinct managerial priorities and may even be mutually inconsistent. Recently, the balanced scorecard approach (BSC), as an effective multi-criteria evaluation concept received ...  Read More

Operation Research
13. Solution of fuzzy differential equations under generalized differentiability by Adomian decomposition method

T. Allahviranloo; L. Jamshidi

Volume 1, Issue 2 , Summer 2009, , Pages 39-53

  Adomian decomposition method has been applied to solve many functional equations so far. In this article, we have used this method to solve the fuzzy differential equation under generalized differentiability. We interpret a fuzzy differential equation by using the strongly generalized differentiability. ...  Read More

Operation Research
14. The Use of Semi Inherited LU Factorization of Matrices in Interpolation of Data

Mohammad Ali Fariborzi Araghi; Amir Fallahzadeh

Volume 1, Issue 2 , Summer 2009, , Pages 54-66

  The polynomial interpolation in one dimensional space R is an important method to approximate the functions. The Lagrange and Newton methods are two well known types of interpolations. In this work, we describe the semi inherited interpolation for approximating the values of a function. In this case, ...  Read More

Operation Research
15. Designing an optimization model for preventing the waste time in the activity cycle of an organization

M. Taleghani; Y. Modabbernia

Volume 1, Issue 2 , Summer 2009, , Pages 67-76

  This article proposes an optimization model for preventing the waste of time in the educational and research activities' cycle of an organization such as a university. For this purpose and in order to increase efficiency and prevent the waste of time; the graph theory models have been used. The educational ...  Read More

Operation Research
16. Variational Iteration Method for Fredholm integral equations of the second kind

J. Biazar; H. Ebrahimi

Volume 1, Issue 1 , Winter 2009, , Pages 11-17

  In this paper, He‘s variational iteration method is applied to Fredholm integral equations of the second kind. To illustrate the ability and simplicity of the method, some examples are provided. The results reveal that the proposed method is very effective and simple and for first fourth examples ...  Read More

Operation Research
17. A Nonlinear Mathematical model for Asthma: Effect of Environmental Pollution

NARESHA RAM; Agraj Tripathi

Volume 1, Issue 1 , Winter 2009, , Pages 18-38

  In this paper, we explore a nonlinear mathematical model to study the spread of asthma due to inhaled pollutants from industry as well as tobacco smoke from smokers in a variable size population. The model is analyzed using stability theory of differential equations and computer simulation. It is shown ...  Read More

Operation Research
18. Sensitivity Analysis in Linear-Plus-Linear Fractional Programming Problems

B Kheirfam

Volume 1, Issue 1 , Winter 2009, , Pages 1-10

  In this paper, we study the classical sensitivity analysis when the right - hand – side vector, and the coefficients of the objective function are allowed to vary.   Read More