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Non linear Programming
1. A Method for Solving Convex Quadratic Programming Problems Based on Differential-algebraic equations

Masomeh Abbasi

Volume 11, Issue 2 , Autumn 2019, , Pages 107-113

  In this paper, a new model based on differential-algebraic equations(DAEs) for solving convex quadratic programming(CQP) problems is proposed. It is proved that the new approach is guaranteed to generate optimal solutions for this class of optimization problems. This paper also shows that the conventional ...  Read More

Data Envelopment Analysis
2. A Recurrent Neural Network Model for solving CCR Model in Data Envelopment Analysis

Masomeh Abbasi; Abbas Ghomashi

Volume 11, Issue 1 , Spring 2019, , Pages 1-7

  In this paper, we present a recurrent neural network model for solving CCR Model in Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA). The proposed neural network model is derived from an unconstrained minimization problem. In the theoretical aspect, it is shown that the proposed neural network is stable in the sense ...  Read More

Operation Research
3. A Nonlinear Mathematical model for Asthma: Effect of Environmental Pollution

NARESHA RAM; Agraj Tripathi

Volume 1, Issue 1 , Winter 2009, , Pages 18-38

  In this paper, we explore a nonlinear mathematical model to study the spread of asthma due to inhaled pollutants from industry as well as tobacco smoke from smokers in a variable size population. The model is analyzed using stability theory of differential equations and computer simulation. It is shown ...  Read More